Monday, January 4, 2010

About The Family Photojournalist

About The Family Photojournalist

We have been members of a photography forum for the past five years and have learned that photography forums are excellent resources for learning photography, getting honest feedback from someone other than a loved one, and researching camera equipment. In addition, photography forums allow one to view a wide variety of styles. But often times, forum members offer very little feedback to family photographers in photo sharing sections. Family photographers are sometimes viewed as ‘not real photographers’ because they are not paid for their work. As a result, the family photographer who posts a photo will receive very little feedback, making it difficult to learn. Conversely, the majority of feedback is given to photographers that feature scantily clad women in a studio environment. So in order to learn, family photographers have to take the feedback given to such photographs and apply it to their own! A challenge indeed!

The Family Photojournalist is the first website dedicated exclusively to family photojournalism.Photography tips, tutorials, post processing guidelines, and gear recommendations will be written specifically for the family photojournalist. Family photographers will no longer have to decipher feedback given to other genres of photography. Consider The Family PhotojournalistTHE place to learn about family photojournalism!

Mission of The Family Photojournalist

We have come to realize the importance of documenting daily events and milestones of our families through photography as years pass. It is more important than we can ever begin to imagine, as future generations will be viewing photographs for decades, perhaps centuries. The primary purpose of The Family Photojournalist is to SHARE our ideas and passions about our processes of effective family photojournalism.

Who is The Family Photojournalist for?

In short, any photographer with a passion for family photojournalism!

However, The Family Photojournalist will not teach the basics of photography (exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO). For an excellent, easy to read book on the basics of photography check out Bryan Peterson’s “Understanding Exposure”.

All of the information on The Family Photojournalist will be written with the assumption that photographers have a working knowledge of an SLR/DSLR camera.

What can you expect from The Family Photojournalist?

We will be posting a variety of topics such as: photography technique tutorials, photoshop tutorials, gear and book recommendations, etc. as they pertain to Family Photojournalism. We also plan to have expert 'guest bloggers' stop by to give their perspectives on FPJ.

We would always love to hear your feedback on our posts (positive and negative). Also, we are open to any suggestions that you might have to enhance your Family Photojournalist experience.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope that you will come back!

Best Regards,

Daniel and Chuck


  1. What a cool idea. There are some great images in here! I especially like the shot of Daniel's wife, and the admonition to shoot both positive and negative memories. Both types of images are crucial, and this type of "balanced reporting" is an important part of photojournalistic photography.

  2. Daniel and Chuck,
    You have a very good site with very good photos... i too have been very conflicted in trying to find a good critique forum for family shots... fm is quite intimidating with very few unposed shots and very high quality of others and other photography sites aren't at the level of fm shooters and their critiques.. you'll mostly get, it's not at the right third and focus is off by a few cm or obvious mistakes instead of critique on the art...

    your photos is exactly what i wish my pictures will aspire to be.. just a suggestion, can you make a flickr group for those of us interested in this and maybe we can get critiques from ppl who share the same interest... Thanx

  3. Just discovered your blog. Its phenomenal and a huge inspiration to this dad of 4. I look forward to reading back through all your posts and following in the future.